Product Care

In general, we recommend impregnation of your garment with a commercially available leather impregnation spray. Especially with lighter, vegetable tanned or open-pored leathers, we recommend impregnation. However, it is essential to ensure that the cleaned, unused product is impregnated, to prevent from dirt settling or colour loss over time.

Impregnation/Treatment has following advantages:
It ensures that the product does not absorb moisture or dirt easily. If the garment has been treated, the dirt can be removed more easily. It also prevents from colour loss caused by UV light or sunlight over time. This is particularly prevalent with products of high colour content, such as dark colours.

Dirt can either be removed with soap or water, however commercially available leather soaps are recommended. Wet leather should always be dried slowly, not to be dried over a heater.

Dry or brittle leathers can be greased. However, we recommend applying the leather grease first on a nonvisible leather section and check for colour changes and to assess if the result is satisfactory.

Professional cleaning (special leather cleaning, dry or chemical) is possible, however it needs to be by a specialist with great care only.

Colour variations, colour losses or scratches can be treated very easily with an ordinary body lotion. We recommend sampling the effect on a nonvisible leather section, for example on the sleeve inner hem.

Water stains or superficial scratches can be removed by rubbing and pulling the leather with the clean ball of your hands. This treatment works particularly well with vegetable tanned leathers.

Take care for your garment by wearing it. Body heat and movement prevents the leather from becoming brittle and dry. If you store your leather jacket in the wardrobe, it is possible that a light grey veil forms on the surface of the leather after over time. This is usually not mould. It is residue from fat or tanning. This can be removed easily, by using a damp cloth or treated with a hairdryer.  Be careful not to hold the hair dryer to close to the garment, otherwise it could damage the leather by overheating.

In case of any problems, we can offer you a free consultation. In many cases your favourite garment even if it is badly damaged, can still be saved, by replacing cut parts in our workshop. Take advantage of our repair service at cost.

I wish you a lot of fun with your leather jacket made by Heinz Bauer Manufakt.

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